Jan. 16, 2017

Avoiding plagiarism In Dissertation Writing

Plagiarism, the vilest word when it comes to the world of writing and making content. So dissertation writing is tagged under the same folder. So what exactly is plagiarism? When someone takes someone else’s work and claims said work to be their own, that’s plagiarism. And the reason why it’s considered so bad is plain, its theft, plain and simple, and who likes thieves? No one. So plagiarism is discouraged from the grass root levels. From the very first essay or dissertation writing you will have to right till your dissertations and other published work, it will be discouraged throughout and you will have to oblige if you want to keep your respect and standing in class and in society.

The reason you have to be more careful is that a majority of plagiarism reported or discovered each day occurs by mistake. You saw a sentence during your research, and thought that well it seems like a generic statement so it’s ok if you copy it word to word, no one would find out or mind, and it would have been fine too around 10 years ago, but now, because of the internet it is becoming very easy to detect plagiarism through plagiarism specific search engines, and programs that are updated regularly and keep getting better and better each day.

So when we talk about dissertation writing, there is research involved, and where there is research, the chances of mistakenly or deliberately copying some material are increased by a large margin, that is why the need to be extra careful while writing dissertation is high. The best option is to use sources just for references or learning. However in case you do not understand something but still need to write it down for the sake of completing your dissertation, you can always re-word what you have written to something different.

This is the technique used by most professional writers who provide dissertation writing services, and their work is always nearly flawless. Although, it is unfair to compare their work with someone’s who has such little experience. These writers have access to some resources that are not easily accessible and probably not everyone can access it, especially students. Here’s how to overcome the threat of plagiarism sneaking its way in to your work.

  • Never copy anything word to word, no matter how common the statement is or how generic it may seem, always try to reword whatever you write
  • Use books, rather than the internet for your research. It enables you to write directly from the source and getting a negative response from the plagiarism is taken down to a minimum
  • When in doubt, instead of copying, ask your teacher to help you out and explain what the problem really is. They should be able to help you out of your predicament.
  • Hire professional dissertation writing services and let them take care of everything. They are well known for never causing a plagiarism alert and their research is always tailor made to your requirements.