Apr. 18, 2017

Dissertation Sample Can Be Best Guide to Learn Citation Styles

Since many years now, whenever there is anything you need to know, Google is the best source to find anything out. Students writing their dissertation, might use Google the most because no wonder, there is so much more about dissertation writing that they don’t know till the day comes when they have to write one. Dissertation follows a particular citation style that depends on your institute and subject. Every institute has a specific citation style that you will be requested to follow. It is important to know what the citation styles are and their types and which is the most preferred style based on your subject. So in this situation, dissertation samples can be a great guide to learn citation styles.

What is a Citation Style and Which Ones Should I Choose?

When you are using someone’s work in your research or dissertation, you have to credit the writer or the publication from which you have taken the text. You have to give their reference in the work and also at the end of your research document. This is important because if you do not give them credit for their work, you are applying that you claim the right to the ownership of the content. There are generally three main types of citation styles and they are used for specific subjects. They are:

  1. APA Citation Style (American Psychological Association) Used for subjects such as Sciences, Psychology and Education.
  2. MLA Citation Style (Modern Language Association) used in Humanities.
  3. Chicago or Turabian Style used in the Fine Arts, Business and History etc.


What is the Difference in These Citation Styles?

APA Citation Style: In APA style, the writer must write the last name of the author, date of the printed publication and the page numbers are to be mentioned. Since of course you can’t mention the page number on the same page, the page number must be added with the two things in the end, in the reference list and the other two things must match with the detail mentioned earlier.

MLA Citation Style: MLA styles needs the writer to collect all the core information about the text quoted that is common in all works. MLA citation style is used in subjects from Humanities specifically in studies related to language and linguistics. It takes brief parenthetical citations carrying by the text to a list of works cited in the end, which is arranged alphabetically.

Chicago or Turabian Style: Depending on the subject matter of your dissertation writing and nature of sources that are cited in the work, Chicago or Turabian Style can be used in two different ways. One is bibliography style where in a table of two columns the material type goes on the left and notes or bibliography goes on the right. The other is Author/Date style. This is divided in three columns where Author/date goes on the left, in-text citation column goes in the middle and on the left is bibliography. Between the texts, the writer mentions author’s last name and date.

So now when you read someone’s dissertation writing or research or evening a winning essay writing of someone else, you will know the difference between the three citation styles. And it will be easy for you to select one based on your subject.