May. 11, 2017

Structure of a Marketing Dissertation - Things to Know

The marketing dissertation you are about to write requires a clear concept of the field of marketing you intend to write. Without the concept, you can upset the structure of your dissertation and you can be confused and lost. To get an idea about a proper structure of a marketing dissertation, you need to see the general components for marketing dissertation. An idea is given here, provided by some best PhD dissertation writing services. Generally, a marketing dissertation has the following components:

  • Abstract
  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Research methodology
  • Ethical issues
  • Research findings and implications
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography
  • Appendices

Whether or not to change the sequence of a few things from these components or add or subtract one of them is dependent on many things. Even in a marketing dissertation, there are several aspects that are different in each kind of topic. But you can’t go wrong if you decide to stick to the contents and their sequence given above.

Things to Know About a Marketing Dissertation:

  • Always write the abstract in the end of your marketing dissertation. You never know when you are in need to change something about your dissertation or methodology of the dissertation so it is best to write the whole dissertation and then move on to writing the abstract of your dissertation. Also, when you are done writing the dissertation and you begin writing the abstract, it will take lesser time as the abstract is the general introduction of your research so when the research is done and you know what is inside it, it becomes easy to write the abstract.
  • Choose your marketing topic wisely and if you are sticking to the structure and its components given above, choose a topic that suits a general structure of marketing structure.
  • Never hurry while choosing the topic of your dissertation, take your time and choose the topic which is recent, which can prove to be a good contribution to your subject. If you have doubts about your topic, you can always move on to a better one so you must take some time before deciding on a topic.
  • If you want to explore your options of marketing dissertation structures, you can try and find old dissertations in libraries to learn about dissertation citation styles. You can consult dissertation writing services for that too as most of these services offer free samples. You can browse through and find out if you see anything that completely suits your topic if you don’t want to go with a conventional structure.
  • Your dissertation supervisor can suggest and give their input and help you in choosing the type of structure that suits your topic.

Whether it is marketing dissertation or any other subject, the topic of your dissertation is the main thing that decides the structure of your dissertation. If you want to find the best marketing dissertation structure, you should browse online and get in touch with dissertation help to try and find your best options available.